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This as well as what Liz has said on her It is confirmed Liz has a boyfriend and when asked whether she was working with Mike she said: “Working?No.” insinuating she is doing something else with him.Avan Jogia, who plays Beck Olivier, reveals that season three had some “very exciting stuff” such as breakups and maybe makeups? Elizabeth Gillies, who plays Jade West and fellow “frenemy” to Tori Vega (Victoria Justice), admits that season three has been filled with many twists and turns for the students of Hollywood Arts High School.

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Another source revealed that “she TWICE made toasts ...

I don't make it priority at all; if I feel like doing it, I do it ,and if not, then I don't care.

Before i start I’d just like to thank all my amazing 645 followers for always liking/reblogging/requesting things on my page!

I absolutely love getting message from you all, requests and questions :) People have been confused over who Liz may be dating for a while now so i hope to clear some confusion, but remember this is just!

:)I was messaged 2 different names as well as Mike that people believed Liz was/is dating, I looked into both possibilities and 1 of them works with Liz while the other I could find no contact between them what so ever!

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