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You probably already found your answer but for others like me who arrive at this thread. SAX doesn't really seem to have a real specification (the spec is their website least I didn't find any reference in a spec or javadoc (maybe I overlooked) that is Validating should be in sync with the validation feature.In other words, it can tell you whether the document is valid.If validation is not activated, however, it can only tell whether or not the document is well-formed, as was shown in the previous section when you deleted the closing tag from an XML element.Your question has no meaningful answer except in the context of a particular parser's API.If you don't identify the parser, the only reasonable answer is something along the lines of "the three expressions are spelled differently; next question? I was searching for the answer to the same question.(Example from openjdk-6-src-b31-15_apr_2014) Another one is the oracle xmlparserv2 from Oracle XDK Some sample test to prove this (you need the oracle xmlparserv2 jar and you also need a META-INF/services/parsers.

The input document contains an extra attribute which has not been defined in the XML Schema, this shows that the XML Schema has been used for the validation.When using this XML Schema to validate the input XML document, the following error gets reported: ) as defined below has been used in the code examples to validate the input document. SAXParser Validating(boolean validating) method specifies that the parser produced by this code will validate documents as they are parsed. */ try catch (Unsupported Operation Exception e) catch (No Such Method Error e) { /* This is OK; older versions of the parser do not support XInclude at * all.This is here for jdk 1.4 and earlier Xerces versions.

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