Updating xps built in driver cache

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The v4 print driver model provides a simple but flexible management experience.

V4 print drivers can be distributed via Windows Update or Windows Software Update Services (WSUS), but are not distributed to print clients from the print server.

The only major tuning it needs is about the Intel driver, whose current Debian 8 version doesn't support Broadwell yet.

To install Debian using the netinst image, you will need a USB/Ethernet adapter, because the Broadcom wifi adapter requires a non-free driver.

Print Class Drivers also provide the following benefits: Prior to Windows Server 2012, the Windows printer driver model had remained relatively unchanged since the introduction of v3 drivers in Windows 2000.

The v3 model relies heavily on OEMs to produce customized drivers for each specific device to ensure that specific features of each print device can be accessed by Windows applications.

In September 1993, the first two versions of the XPS line were announced.

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There are two main ways any Windows user updates their drivers.

This is a very nice ultrabook which is able to run Debian pretty well.

It ONLY requires one non-free firmware to fully operate (the wifi), no extra privative drivers required.

To fix that, use the following /etc/X11/d/50The sound chipset, a Realtek ALC3263, has got a "dual-mode", meaning it supports both the HDA standard and the I2S standard.

The embedded controller in the XPS 13 uses the ACPI _REV value provided by the OS you use to determine which mode the sound chipset should be initialized in at boot.

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