Dating someone who is paralyzed

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——————————————————————————————————— Dear Chris, Thanks for writing! Who knows…at being paralyzed for only five months, you still have a lot of time to get movement back. What you are going through right now – dating someone you’re not 100% happy with – is something everybody before you who’s also paralyzed has also gone through.One of the first things to go vamoosh when becoming paralyzed, other than losing it the ability to walk of course, is your self-esteem. Everybody thinks when they wake up paralyzed that they’re damaged goods, and somehow less than they were before.If you know someone who has polio and wish to go out with him/her, here are a few things to keep in mind.Focus the person not the disability If you are dating someone with polio, it is likely he/she has a disability; this may be as minimal as a slight limp or severe enough to warrant a wheelchair.Even with spinal injuries, patients want to be close to and even intimate with other people.

Even though wheelchairs are common enough, people often stare at those who must use them and often feel that they have a lesser intellect when compared to able-bodied individuals.And just a note, I'm not looking for any consolation or sympathy here (especially not of the "oh you'll find someone someday" variety, as I feel that's a completely irresponsible thing to say).I'm used to what I hear now - I'm more interested in hearing the reasons that people have behind the why or why nots.I’m really afraid to be alone and don’t know if I should continue with this relationship or stop now before it goes further.There’s more details but I didn’t want to bore you, please tell me your thoughts!! You’re in for a long road (I always say the first three years are the hardest when it comes to adjusting), but maybe by then you’ll be walking again.?

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