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The child got to the stage where she stopped drinking water at school to try to avoid the trauma.In another incident, it took five teachers to calm her down after dinner lady thanked her for picking up some cutlery by saying “good boy”."Let's just say he makes Charlie Sheen look like an amateur! It reinforces that lack of self worth, being woman enough.It amplifies that void already felt." We found out 8weeks ago we were expecting...“It was hell on earth, it was as if I died and this was my punishment.” While inside, Mary said she was also forced to endure another type of abuse – the denial of her gender.She said her long hair was cut off by another prisoner and that she was not allowed to take her hormones, so began to grow facial hair.The child told the BBC’s Victoria Derbyshire programme: "I really didn't want to be a boy. It feels like I'm in the wrong body." Jessica's mother Ella – also not her real name – said she had been accused by a relative accused her of "conditioning" her child.An anonymous call was made to the NSPCC claiming Jessica's parents were "forcing their boy to live as a girl".

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Perhaps most shockingly of all, 40-year-old Taylor Chandler - who claims she embarked upon a relationship with 30-year-old Phelps after meeting him on Tinder - has referenced the recent HIV revelation of Charlie Sheen. He's not the safest when pursuing his extra curricular activities outside the girls he is 'dating'.""One of the hardest things ever for someone dealing with a gender challenge to deal with is an ex having a baby with another woman.

But if any of the boys decline me because of my situation then I just know they’re not right for me at all.'Jazz, who has a sister and two brothers, said as a toddler she knew she wanted to be a girl and would unsnap her onsies to make it look like a dress.

If people called her a 'good boy' she would correct them, saying she was a good girl.

The dating app introduced a new update Tuesday that expands the genders users can select on their profiles.

Now, along with "Man" and "Woman," Tinder users can choose among options such as "Trans Man," "Trans Woman" or "Transgender" on their profiles.

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